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......@@ -898,8 +898,9 @@ def perf_measures(task_params, source_data, problem_data,
All data useful for result analysis including SDR and Itakura-Saito
performance, running times, hyperparameter values, mask size and
number of sub-regions.
performance, running times, hyperparameter values, mask size,
number of sub-regions, estimated rank (summed over sub-regions),
lowest singular value.
x_tff = solved_data['x_tff']
x_zero = solved_data['x_zero']
......@@ -955,7 +956,9 @@ def perf_measures(task_params, source_data, problem_data,
features = dict(mask_size=np.sum(gmtff.mask > 0),
mask_ratio=np.mean(gmtff.mask > 0),
rank_sum=np.sum([s.size for s in gmtff.s_vec_list]))
rank_sum=np.sum([s.size for s in gmtff.s_vec_list]),
lowest_sv=np.min([np.min(s) for s in gmtff.s_vec_list])
return dict(**running_times, **sdr_res, **is_res, **features)
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