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......@@ -100,3 +100,16 @@ Note that while the sound is played, the interface becomes irresponsive.
As stated above, the audio player used by pydub require additional libraries.
If you're using this script on a remote server, the sound might be play over there or not work depending on the method you use to access said server.
### Output
Once done, the script will save the label in a HdF file (whose name depend on the options used).
This file contains a database with one line per annotated click.
The column are p1_pos, ipi_sig, ipi_corr_man, ipi_corr_auto, ipi_ceps_man, ipi_ceps_auto, ind_number.
Note that the individual number is currently not implemented and will only contained `NaN`.
The current behaviour of the scripts also save unannotated clicks. This might be prone to change.
Linked project
[]( is a script for annotating the IPI of the BOMBYX database.
BOMBYX IPI extractor
`` is a graphic utility made for the manual extraction of sperm whale inter pulse interval (IPI).
It builds on the GUI of ``. The main features are thus explained in the corresponding [Read me](
You can obtain a list of all the available option by typing
`python -h`
If you're executing this script on one of the cube, you can simply launch the script by typing
`python path/to/passage_maxpred.pkl your_name_here`
If you're on another server, you will need to set the `--wd` and `--done_file` options to the path of the BOMBYX database, and the shared *done_file.csv*
### Number of done files
The number of currently files that have been labels is displayed on the bottom right,
along with the number of files that have been label by the current user. Note that labeled file that are not finished are not included in the count.
### Next button
Once you have finished labeling the current file, you can click on the `Next file` button to load and annotate the next file.
The database will be updated with the labels of the current file, and the shared `done_file.csv` will include the corresponding passage number.
### Closing the window
If you close the window, the click for the current file will be saved to the database.
However, the current file will not be considered as a file completely labeled.
Thus, the shared `done_file.csv`
### Output file
This script will save the same kind of HdF file as ``.
However, unlinked `` which output one file per annotated file,
this script will only create one database per annotators.
Changing the selling of the annotator will change the database associated.
In addition, of the columns saved in ``, this script also save the file, passage number and annotator name.
This file is used to record the progression of the annotation among all the users.
It contained the passage number of each passage that have been labeled.
If you don't know what you are doing, <span style="color:red">__&#x26a0;DO NOT TOUCH OR MODIFY THIS FILE&#x26a0;__</span>.
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