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......@@ -88,6 +88,12 @@ Thus, a future update might disable the selection of P1 or add a toggle button.*
These two plots works in the same way. Clicking on them will set the IPI to the clicked location.
The automatic IPI set is the maximum in a range of 0.15 ms.
#### Assigning an individual label
Next to the reset button is the case to give the currently selected group of plots (red green or blue) a click label.
Clicking on it will swap its state from grey (inactive) to green (active).
Upon activation, the click label will be reset to an empty string `''`.
While the case remain active (green), any keyboard presses will be added to the current label.
#### Reset
Clicking on `Reset current` will set all the annotable values of the current click to `nan`.
### Other functionalities
......@@ -109,6 +115,11 @@ Frequency bins that are above the nyquist frequency are will be displayed entire
The two bottom buttons are used to change the size of the FFT window used by the spectrogram.
The number of bin indicated by each button will be the size of this window after click on the corresponding button.
#### keyboard shortcut
Pressing 0,1 or 2 on the keyboard will change the currently selected group of plots to the corresponding value.
Note that these shortcuts are disabled while the individual label is active (in green).
### Output
Once done, the script will save the label in a HdF file (whose name depend on the options used).

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