Commit ca5d0080 authored by Charly Lamothe's avatar Charly Lamothe
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Add missing import in trainer

parent 94668904
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ from bolsonaro.models.model_raw_results import ModelRawResults
from bolsonaro.models.omp_forest_regressor import OmpForestRegressor
from bolsonaro.models.omp_forest_classifier import OmpForestBinaryClassifier, OmpForestMulticlassClassifier
from bolsonaro.models.similarity_forest_regressor import SimilarityForestRegressor
from bolsonaro.models.kmeans_forest_regressor import KMeansForestRegressor
from bolsonaro.error_handling.logger_factory import LoggerFactory
from import Task
from . import LOG_PATH
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