Commit c86fc38d authored by Charly Lamothe's avatar Charly Lamothe
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Disable progress bar printing from similarity forest regressor training

parent 29a11860
......@@ -38,12 +38,12 @@ class SimilarityForestRegressor(BaseEstimator, metaclass=ABCMeta):
with tqdm(range(self._extracted_forest_size), disable=False) as pruning_forest_bar:
with tqdm(range(self._extracted_forest_size), disable=True) as pruning_forest_bar:
pruning_forest_bar.set_description(f'[Pruning forest s={self._extracted_forest_size}]')
for i in pruning_forest_bar:
best_similarity = 100000
found_index = 0
with tqdm(range(len(tree_list)), disable=False) as tree_list_bar:
with tqdm(range(len(tree_list)), disable=True) as tree_list_bar:
tree_list_bar.set_description(f'[Tree selection s={self._extracted_forest_size} #{i}]')
for j in tree_list_bar:
lonely_tree = tree_list[j]
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