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Added adaptation-state property, needs fairly recent Kaldi to compile

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GStreamer plugin that wraps Kaldi's SingleUtteranceNnet2Decoder. It requires iVector-adapted
DNN acoustic models. The iVectors are adapted to the current audio stream automatically.
The iVectors are reset after the decoding session (stream) ends.
~~The iVectors are reset after the decoding session (stream) ends.
Currently, it's not possible to save the adaptation state and recall it later
for a particular speaker, to make the adaptation persistent over multiple decoding
Update: the plugin saves the adaptation state between silence-segmented utterances and between
multiple decoding sessions of the same plugin instance.
That is, if you start decoding a new stream, the adaptation state of the
previous stream is used (unless it's the first stream, in which case a global mean is used).
Use the `adaptation-state` plugin property to get, and set the adaptation state. Use an empty string
with the set method to reset the adaptation state to default. This functionality requires
Kaldi revision 4582 or later.
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