Commit 5ed6be65 authored by Franck Dary's avatar Franck Dary
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Fixed bug in SplitTransModule where a member was left uninitialised

parent 10d4492e
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
SplitTransModuleImpl::SplitTransModuleImpl(int maxNbTrans, const std::string & definition)
this->maxNbTrans = maxNbTrans;
std::regex regex("(?:(?:\\s|\\t)*)(\\S+)\\{(.*)\\}(?:(?:\\s|\\t)*)In\\{(.*)\\}(?:(?:\\s|\\t)*)Out\\{(.*)\\}(?:(?:\\s|\\t)*)");
if (!util::doIfNameMatch(regex, definition, [this,&definition](auto sm)
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