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...@@ -59,8 +59,8 @@ def setup_package(): ...@@ -59,8 +59,8 @@ def setup_package():
'pyparsing>=2.4.0', 'python-dateutil>=2.8.0', 'pyparsing>=2.4.0', 'python-dateutil>=2.8.0',
'scikit-learn>=0.19.0', 'scipy>=1.3.0', 'six>=1.12.0', 'scikit-learn>=0.19.0', 'scipy>=1.3.0', 'six>=1.12.0',
'pandas>=0.23.3', 'pyyaml>=3.12', 'plotly>=4.2.1', 'pandas>=0.23.3', 'pyyaml>=3.12', 'plotly>=4.2.1',
'matplotlib>=3.1.1', 'tabulate>=0.8.6', 'pyscm-ml>=1.0.0',], 'matplotlib>=3.1.1', 'tabulate>=0.8.6', 'pyscm-ml>=1.0.0', "randomscm"],
dependency_links=[''], dependency_links=[''],
extras_require={ extras_require={
'dev': ['pytest', 'pytest-cov'], 'dev': ['pytest', 'pytest-cov'],
'doc': ['sphinx >= 3.0.2', 'numpydoc', 'docutils', 'sphinx-autoapi', 'doc': ['sphinx >= 3.0.2', 'numpydoc', 'docutils', 'sphinx-autoapi',
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