Commit 4988a7fe authored by Alexis Nasr's avatar Alexis Nasr
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Merge branch 'master' into classifier

parents 42009916 326f414c
......@@ -61,23 +61,19 @@ int oracle_parser_arc_eager(config *c, word_buffer *ref, int root_label, mvt_tag
/* printf("s0_index = %d b0_index = %d\n", s0_index, b0_index);
printf("dans ref gov de s0 (%d) = %d\n", s0_index, s0_gov_index);
printf("dans ref gov de b0 (%d) = %d\n", b0_index, b0_gov_index);*/
/* s0 is the root of the sentence */
/* ROOT s0 is the root of the sentence */
if((s0_label == root_label)
&& check_all_dependents_of_word_in_ref_are_in_hyp(c, ref, s0_index)
&& check_all_dependents_of_word_in_ref_are_in_hyp(c, ref, s0_index)){
return mvt_tagset_get_code(tagset, MVT_ROOT, 0);
/* word on the top of the stack is an end of sentence marker */
/* EOS word on the top of the stack is an end of sentence marker */
if((word_get_sent_seg(word_buffer_get_word_n(ref, s0_index)) == 1)
&& (word_get_sent_seg(word_buffer_get_word_n(config_get_buffer(c), s0_index)) != 1)){
return mvt_tagset_get_code(tagset, MVT_EOS, 0);
/* LEFT ARC b0 is the governor and s0 the dependent */
if(s0_gov_index == b0_index){
return mvt_tagset_get_code(tagset, MVT_LEFT, word_get_label(word_buffer_get_word_n(ref, s0_index)));
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