Commit 4584da0f authored by Franck Dary's avatar Franck Dary
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Removed warning

parent 8c6cc68d
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ torch::Tensor ModularNetworkImpl::forward(torch::Tensor input, const std::string
torch::Tensor ModularNetworkImpl::extractContext(Config & config)
torch::Tensor context = torch::zeros({totalInputSize}, torch::TensorOptions(torch::kLong).device(NeuralNetworkImpl::getDevice()));
torch::Tensor context = torch::zeros({(long)totalInputSize}, torch::TensorOptions(torch::kLong).device(NeuralNetworkImpl::getDevice()));
for (auto & mod : modules)
mod->addToContext(context, config);
return context;
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